Exclusive Interview With Nicole Russin-McFarland

Nicole Russin-McFarland

Slam Entertainment Caught Up with Nicole Russin-McFarland, She is a Film director (Animation), classical Music composer, foodie, Model and an Entrepreneur. Check Out What She has to Say in Her Interview Below:

Slam Ent: What is your name? Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

Nicole Russin-McFarland: I grew up in Illinois. I always enjoyed learning classical music and played flute and clarinet in band and played around on the piano for one. But I learned while other girls I saw around were great at playing instruments from rehearsing until they were drained, I was really skilled at writing music. It was a really great hobby of mine that I wanted to act on for years but didn’t get to do until a month before I turned 28 and released my first classical music film score for the movie, The Eyes of Old Texas. I also am directing the cartoon! Yes, we released the soundtrack before we began working on the movie because we wanted to gain traction for our film.

Slam Ent: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Nicole Russin-McFarland: I treat composing like writing a diary. Whatever I am thinking, that tends to come out in notes. Often, I need to hear the music over repeatedly on my iPod to notice mistakes or things I can fix. I did that so much working on our soundtrack. I have some themes saved on my computer for later use that I don’t have really drawn out, but I know they will be great. I’m saving some of my best work for later because I felt a lot of the themes wouldn’t work so well for an animated film.

Slam Ent: Any planned studio upgrades? What are you working with now?

Nicole Russin-McFarland: At the moment, all I’m doing is working on my business, Lucky Pineapple Books + Films, and our first movie. The cartoon is animated, but it’s slightly different in that we have shot real backgrounds to use against the animation all over the world. We are still doing the backdrops as I write this. Although it’s taking a while, we believe that the greater effort will only result in a more thought out, amazing film kids and adults can love.

Slam Ent: Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about?

Nicole Russin-McFarland: I don’t plan on releasing another film score until I make my next film or someone hires me. However, I am doing the music for an audio book we are working on once the actress completes her reading and may play around with turning some popular music into classical versions if I have a moment and stick that on YouTube!

Slam Ent: What should fans look forward to in 2016?

Nicole Russin-McFarland: In 2016, fans of mine and Lucky Pineapple Books + Films can look forward to us publishing more books and doing more as a whole with our branding. We develop lifestyle websites and do so much more than simply books and movies. For instance, we have a personal branding podcast where we advise people on things we learn from doing this ourselves. What we have in common with everyone is we want to make it, right now. We want to see big numbers in our sales. Whether you sell classical music or hip hop, books or clothes, all of that fits into our goals. You should check out our podcast, which is also on YouTube. And, I really want to make myself more available to people like I am now doing this interview because I felt up to now, people had a false impression of me. I want people if they like me to like me for who I am.

Connect with Nicole Russin-McFarland:
Website: http://www.officialnicole.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nrmcfarland
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nicolermcfarland
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/russinmcfarland



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