My #musicvideo for #donttouchme is finally out in all its glory. This was a challenging and fun one but, the message is serious. I am proud of how it turned out. In our modern world we can not be silent anymore while a half of the women in this world are being abused, harassed and violated in multitude way. #timesup for that inaction, we need to work together, #endabuse and promote equality and fairness. Being greatest country on the planet also demands to be role model. Lets end this abuse and set standards for others to follow.
Please #enjoy the #video. Like and share with your #friends and #family . Dont forget to stream the song on #spotify, buy it on #itunes. All links are on website, just click the link in my bio. Most of all remember the words #donttouchme. Lets save and protect our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters and neighbors from all the shady mansions and houses of horrors.

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