Ruth Garnes on Surviving Hurricane Harvey and Brain tumor

Two days before hurricane Harvey I got a report from my neurologist saying I had two benign brain tumors. It took me a few days to process her message and by then hurricane Harvey hit. My house got 6 inches of water in it. A week after the storm a remediation company came and they cut 24 inches of wall throughout my home and cleaned up all the mud that covered the floors.

I did my usual wining to my trusted friends, then after that I sent my medical information unto a relative who reviewed the findings.

Like real estate in where a tumor is located determines value, location determines the need for swift action. Mine was in the retina canal, millimeters behind the optic nerve. Even noncancerous legions grow and that was the danger I was faced with.

I got to the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota Wednesday night two weeks ago. On monday last week the tumor was removed. I spent the rest of last week in recovery and the step down unit.

Today, I am home and the sheet rock people are here to rebuild my home. I will be laid up in various hotel for the next week. Because of the unexpectedness and swiftness of the entire ordeal, it still has not hit me yet. This is a condensed version of what I am experiencing. In the past I had to deal with some tougher issues and felt disappointed in the unwilliness of some to assist but that is not how I feel concerning my present circumstance.

I wrote a song of thanksgiving while facing some of those challenges. I needed assistance because of health issues, I could not stand on my own.

Now, my only desire is for people to listen and understand where I am coming from, and for them to share the link to my songs. I would also appreciate it. It was only by the grace of God I was able to post today.

Listen to A Fountain of Joy

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