How to Make a Viral Music Video

Assuming you have talent, good sound/video quality, and a catchy song, you may want to follow these 4 tips that will help boost the viral potential of your upcoming music video release. Over the last few years, many indie artists (including Shannon Curtis and Laura Sullivan) have used one or more of the following techniques to achieve mass exposure to their music video over a short amount of time.

1. Make your video with intention to affect to one’s emotions. Material that will give a lasting effect on one’s feelings and emotions tend to leave a lasting impression. Those are the type of songs and videos that get played back to back to back by a listener. Material that leaves a lasting impression tends to also get shared way more often.

2. Feature a theme of a common human experience with an uplifting message. The more people that will feel your release relates to their life and personal journey, the more success your release will have. If they feel you are providing something that will help encourage their journey, you will have HUGE success. Not only are you making good material; you are making others feel good about themselves with your material.

3. Tell a story with your visuals; don’t just perform. Visuals that keep a viewer interested and engaged will only make your song shine more. Stories, complex visuals, or crowdsourcing (using multiple people of the public’s work) are all ways to stand out visually with your music video release.

4. Make promotion a team-marketing effort.  Don’t try to go the promotion road alone if you are seriously trying to go viral. If you have a budget, get marketing from as many companies, blogs, radio stations, DJs and other outlets as you can. If you don’t have a budget, try to find as many free resources as humanly possible, and make sure you have a team of friends and family cosigning (sharing, liking, retweeting) your every move!

(Source: PushPowerPromo)

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