Exclusive Interview With REVILUTION

REVILUTION is a band creating a lot of noise in the LA scene with their mix of Heavy Metal and Modern Rock N Roll. Bringing in the female vibes with singer Dina, the unique approach of this band is high powered guitar driven rock and unforgettable lyrics. We recently spent some time learning more about this southern California band on the rise…

Hey REVILUTION, thank you for being part of our interview process. You guys seem to be extremely busy with shows. Where are you favorite spots to play? 

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals: My all-time favorite place to play is Las Vegas. Everybody is there to have a good time and listen to live music. 

Marie B (Dina), vocals: So far my favorite spot to perform at is the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas. The other bands that play there and the audience are great. They’re all about entertainment.

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar: What Scott and Marie said. The crowds there are so much more receptive to our music than they are in SoCal. 

Your music is familiar while at the same time unique and cutting edge, how do you find and create that balance?

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar : When I write, I’m heavily influenced by the styles I grew up listening to. To me, the riff is the key to making a song memorable, so that’s where I start. I just noodle around on the guitar or bass until I hear something I like, then I build the rhythm structure around that. Once that’s all in place, I listen to it several times over, getting the emotional feel of it, and then lyrics will start coming to me. I’ll record a demo of that, then bring it to the band and get their ideas and influences mixed into it. Combining the refined idea with the input of a young producer like Ricky Brewer, and then getting engineer Pete de Boer, who’s worked with acts like Scott Stapp and Biohazard, to record, mix, and master it, results in music that is a great combination of past and present.

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals : The writing is a huge part of the process, and with the dynamics thrown in, it gives the music its balance.

Marie B (Dina), vocals : To create our sound we use influences from music we like and incorporate our unique sounds with them. During band practice and rehearsals we collaborate and decide from there.

What bands did you guys grow up listening to? 

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals : I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Robin Trower, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heap. 

Marie B (Dina), vocals : I grew up listening to Elton John, Jefferson Airplane, Phoebe Snow, Sonny and Cher, The Captain and Tennille, then later Journey, the sound track to the movie Grease, Loverboy when they first came out on the music scene, Van Halen and Dick Clark Top 40 hits. Top 40 radio rotations were where I heard most music before I started buying albums and cassette tapes of my own.

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar : Kiss, AC/DC, The Grass Roots, Foreigner, Quiet Riot, Dio, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley, The Four Seasons, Metallica, Dave Dudley, Judas Priest, Autograph, Falco, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, The Beatles… you get the idea.

What can we expect in the rest of 2019 from REVILUTION? 

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals : Playing everywhere we can and playing our asses off.

Marie B (Dina), vocals : The rest of 2019 will include the remaining 3 shows we have booked and a new album. 

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar : To hear our songs playing in the car next to you at the stoplight.

Be sure to tell us how we can keep up, follow, share and stream REVILUTION.

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar : You can find us at http://www.revilution.comhttp://www.facebook.com/revilution1http://www.soundcloud.com/REVILUTION, and on twitter and Instagram @revilutionband.

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