Exclusive Interview With Archie ‘XN TricK’

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Slam Entertainment Caught Up with  Archie ‘XN TricK’Checkout what He has to say in His Interview Below:

Slam Ent: What is your name? Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

Archie ‘XN TricK’: My Name? My real name is Archie McDonald, when i was younger we went as family to Scotland to  see the memorial of the McDonald Massacre, hardly a cheery subject for a child, but I suppose its part of my roots, although I don’t feel very Scottish.

Slam Ent: How did you come up with your Stage name?

Archie ‘XN TricK’:  I grew up just outside london in hertfordshire on a mini farm.  It was a pretty fun to be fair. Lots of space to muck about as a kid in the fields and drive my brothers mini around and a dirt bikes. At school i was always pretty naughty and couldn’t really concentrate. I think my claim to fame in school was when my brother bought a cd burner and we burnt eminem Cd’s, and I started selling them at school, however at 8 years old, the headmaster was not too pleased when Tim a classmate, recited the ‘Public Service Announcement’ lyrics.  If you don’t know them I won’t remind you, needless to say ‘Mr Moore’s’ Jaw dropped when hearing all these filthy words come out of Tim’s face who was previously thought of as an innocent young boy. Oh well, don’t shoot the messenger, and believe you me they did, lucky they didn’t have the Chokey from Matilda at my school as I’m sure they would have used it, however i have stared at my fair share of walls and corners.

Slam Ent: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Archie ‘XN TricK’: Rightly or wrongly  throughout my life i have often felt a bit odd or been defined as different, my Grandma used to call me an ‘enigma’ and when friends would come round to play they would ask my mum after half an hour of looking where the hell I was. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet yourself as a kid, just for a day as an adult? I think that would be cool, you may even see how inncoent  or annoying you were, either way it would be insightful. I thought of a name to describe something that deviated from the norm and came up with eccentric or XN TricK, which although is spelt very differently sounds, like eccentric. It sometimes takes people a few times saying it, until they smile and the penny drops. I’d tell some people i play the flute and they’d think i’m joking about it, another reason why I think the name kinda works.  I now go under the name Archie XN TricK, i suppose an evolution of my original ‘urban mispelt’ name and my actual name. Even though i do have to share my actual name with many cats and dogs I kinda like it.

Slam Ent: Any planned studio upgrades? What are you working with now?

Archie ‘XN TricK’: Song inspiration, hmmm, sometimes its just a random thought that pops into my brain. I think ideas and inspiration are the easy bit and everyone gets them, for me its cutting it down into what makes sense. Thats why working with recently with songwriters has allowed me to hone in the message and how to portray what I want to say. Emotional songs from real life experiences seem to get onto the pages quicker. I suppose the emotional energy helps with that and allows the focus to  manifest it. I would use loop stations growing up and make melodies and beats, humming and beatboxing and would find that the music often dictates the mood of the song and what lyrics would be to conjured up. However my new found love of guitar allows me to have more melodic, tuneful songs rather than raps, which was my original thing as i was influenced by rap, hiphop and grime, always being asked to freestyle at house parties.

Slam Ent: Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about?

Archie ‘XN TricK’: Well I recently released a single ‘My Darling’ and I need to get a video up online for that. I did drama at school but always find doing videos more out of my comfort zone than ‘live performance’ but a video for me can really embed a song into mind and make it so much more relatable. Right now ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore comes to mind as a great video which makes the track twice as good.

I am in the studio tomorrow working with a reggae artist ‘Rich T’ who will be featuring on a track I wrote called ‘Concrete jungle’ perhaps not the most original song name however the track is coming along with a bouncy vibe with the help of John Robinson a great producer in Kilburn, Clique productions.

I will also be collaborating with a producer called Sky Adams who a friend hooked me up with. He has worked with some big names so it will be fascinating to see what we come up with. I have a song ‘are you ready?’  that needs to get mixed and mastered, however I’m half tempted to start something afresh and see what two creative minds come up with on the spot, completely spontaneous. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

Slam Ent: What should fans look forward to in 2017?

Archie ‘XN TricK’:  I suppose I really now believe this is what I am meant to be doing as I’m yet to find something I can do as well, its just getting the right support and people around you who now i’ve found. I have stepped it up a gear so fans/supporters will see an E.P. online early next year and hopefully a few more radio/ press appearances. Regarding Live performance I want to be doing more festivals and london gigs. Interacting/entertaining with the audience while bringing a few instruments into the mix with energy and charisma is the goal. Then my first tour next year i’ll aim to get fans moving and thinking, i don’t think i can ask for much more than that can I?

Over and Out

Archie ‘XN TricK’

‘The only rapper with a flute’.


Connect With Archie ‘XN TricK’:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/archie_xn_trick
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArchieXNTricK
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XN__TricK

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