B.O.M.BSQWAAD – Brilliant Ones Make Billions (Album)

Sheer versatility with raw talent, and undeniable artistry. These are the words used to define the collective of individual members within this group, or “SQWAAD” as they would call it. B.O.M.BSWAAD to be exact, Brilliant Ones Make Billions. The unique moniker and phrase coined by the de facto leader of the group.

Beyond their given natural gifts, enduring hours of labor has aided them to reach where they currently are now. With their innovative techniques and experimentation of other styles, they easily set themselves apart from the competition. Taking into account the amount of members and diversification within the group, they have been branded as “the new age Wu Tang.”

The album is available on iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, and many other outlets. We are generally pushing the amazon link since its the most common account people have.

Purchase The Album Here: http://amzn.to/2tSwkvG

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